People kill themselves to free themselves of life and its woes, but what if the act just throws you into a new world where almost everything is the same, but worse?

In Wristcutters: A Love Story, Patrick Fugit plays Zia, a young man who kills himself after a breakup and finds himself "living" in a limbo world reserved for suicide victims. It's not exactly hell, but more like an abysmal industrial landscape where you still work and socialize, but you just don't smile. In this afterlife, he finds out that his ex -- who he believed to be living life and mourning his death -- killed herself as well. Desperate for a reunion, he grabs his strange Russian friend and sets out to find her. However, as often happens with ill-conceived road trips of love, Zia meets another girl who joins their journey, Mikael (Shannyn Sossamon), who confuses his romantic objective.

In this darkly comic world, people sit around and try to guess how strangers offed themselves, while others look for groups to belong to, whether that be a wild, trippy commune with Tom Waits or obsessed followers of Will Arnett's Messiah. Yes, Arnett plays a Messiah with hordes of crazy followers.

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