Forget 'Inception.' For me, the movie event of the summer is 'Eat Pray Love.'

Objectively speaking, I shouldn't have anticipated the movie in the first place. I haven't read the memoir it's based on (I meant to last week, but then I got lazy) and, as a twentysomething male, I'm not exactly its target audience.

But none of that matters when you factor in its star, Julia Roberts, an actress whom I love unconditionally and, as my friends so often like to point out, irrationally.

When did my love affair with Roberts begin? I'm not exactly sure. There was never a defining moment, like when I saw 'Cool Hand Luke' and quickly declared Paul Newman to be my favorite actor ever; rather, it seemed to have evolved over time, through multiple viewings of hits like 'Pretty Woman,''Steel Magnolias,''My Best Friend's Wedding' and 'Erin Brockovich.'
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Eat Pray Love
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