There are a lot of roles in the film industry that don't get nearly enough praise. Sure, there's a big reason that directors and stars get the spotlight, but there are legions of contributors without whom films simply wouldn't be the same. Take sound design, for example. A beautiful, rich, layered sound mix that showcases every creak of the floor boards, every whistle of the wind, every drop of blood is absolutely crucial to sustaining any kind of atmosphere in a horror movie. So if you love learning about the less glamorous and more technical side of filmmaking, I'd like to introduce you to Graham Reznick.

Reznick is a regular collaborator of Ti West and one of the usual suspects at Glass Eye Pix, who for my money is the most interesting horror production outfit operating right now. He's the man responsible for the sound design on almost all of Glass Eye's features, including West's masterpiece, The House of the Devil. He's not just a fantastic sound designer, though, he's also a fascinating director. His feature debut I Can See You and his short film The Viewer are both available on DVD, but they're also playing in LA tonight at the Downtown Independent Theater, which gave us a great opportunity to speak to Reznick about his work.

The conversation opens talking about The Viewer, which is a short filmed entirely from the first person perspective of a man who is, for reasons not immediately known, being interrogated by a man in lab coat. It's a perfect platform for exploring the more artistic side of 3D, which is not exactly what one typically associates with 3D filmmaking.
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