The Cinematic Sci-Fi Event Of The Eighties

Today's poster art for Lifeforce (1985) is my favorite Sci-Fi Poster Art Of The Day for this week. There were a number of posters created for this film, both here and abroad (a few of those posters can be seen here), but this glorious painted version is by far the best.

The film - which includes, among other things, a race of space vampires - opened the same weekend that Cocoon did. It failed to out-gross Cocoon that weekend (or any subsequent weekend, I'd imagine), which indicates to me that the film was marketed using one of the alternate, less interesting, posters. To which I say: shame on you, Lifeforce marketing crew. (Alternatively, if the film was marketed with this poster, shame on you, 1985 movie-going public. You choose... poorly).

Click through for the full poster and a trailer.

Note: There are two nude illustrated women on the poster. If you work in a very uptight office, the poster could conceivably be considered NSFW.

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