I love holiday horror films. To me, they demonstrate the genre's ongoing commitment to ruining even the happiest of occasions with visions of nightmarish terror. There was a time when Halloween was the only holiday associated with evil and darkness and that set it apart as the isolated capsule of fear. But then, one by one, the other, more joyful holidays became targets for horror interpretations. It's gotten to the point that no festive celebration is without its own signature slasher or identifiable bloodbath.

When I began this year-long exploration of holiday horror films, I knew full well that I would stumble upon the 8th month. August is completely devoid of anything resembling a holiday so I racked my brain for ways to creatively skirt this conundrum. Then I glanced at a calendar and realized, much to my bloody delight, that the 13th day of August fell serendipitously on a Friday. I now had an excuse to revisit the franchise that made me the horror geek I am today. But now the question becomes, which entry do I chose?
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