One thing you quickly learn when you start writing about horror films is that there are a ton of low budget movies out there vying for attention. Every fledgling filmmaker seems to set his sites on our beloved genre, convinced that because horror flicks follow a "formula" that they're the easiest kind of movies to make. A quick perusal of how many bad horror movies are out there (both low budget and mainstream) should be proof that this thinking is erroneous, but apparently it's not.

Occasionally, though, a a low budget horror flick emerges that actually looks entertaining -- one where it isn't just a group of friends in the backyard with a camcorder and buckets of red food coloring -- or one where it is, but the guys are having fun and don't take themselves too seriously. Something like The Amateur Monster Movie.

The low budget labor of love is due for release this fall, and focuses on a murderous wolf-like creature who kills a group of Boy Scouts on Cadaverous Island. One the deceased's friends decides to get to the bottom of what happened, so he enlists the local stoner and hottie to take him to the island. Unfortunately, zombies steal the boat -- leaving our heroes trapped on the island with the mayor, botanists, two cops -- and a horde of monsters. It's survival of the fittest -- with lots of blood and F bombs -- from that point forward.

You can check out the clip after the jump and then swing by the film's official Facebook page for more info.
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