You'll notice I mentioned DTV wonders would be in this week's release round-up. By wonders I of course meant, schlock. Let's see what the DVD gods have for us this time around.

First up, is 1974's Horror High getting a new release in what the cover art proclaims as the first time an uncut version has been released. I'm sure the fans have been clamoring for that uncut version. I realize this makes no sense, but I'm about to drop an Assault on Precinct 13 spoiler, so if you haven't seen John Carpenter's hard-boiled last stand at the Alamo like cop film, it's best to skip on down to the next paragraph. Apparently, Austin Stoker was the biggest star they had in this film, so much so that the tagline for Horror High is based off his resume. The tagline reads "The Man Who Survived Precinct 13 is back!" As if that wasn't crazy enough, it becomes completely ridiculous when you stop and realize that Assault on Precinct 13 came out in 1976, two years AFTER Horror High. Inexplicably, the terrible tagline kinda makes me want to see it more!

Next up is 2009's The Killing Room which is making it's way to Blu-ray this week. Previously released on standard DVD, it got a resounding "it's OK" when I asked our own Peter Hall about its merits. Still, that's high praise when compared to the other releases we've got on tap, so The Killing Room just jumped high into the lead for best release of the week! And in HD as well!
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