Sorry it's been two weeks since the last trailer round-up and poll. I was away. But here are the results of the last Trailer Park voting, in case you didn't see or expect as much: Sucker Punch blew the competition away with 45%. But Catfish has enough people curious to have done well with 21% and second place.

Even without the week off I came home to a whole bunch of trailers debuting this week. Likely because there's a new Julia Roberts movie opening one major theme among them is "bad romance," though not admittedly -- there's unfortunately no Lady Gaga playing over the spots for How Do You Know, Heartbreaker or Love and Other Drugs (or The Romantics, which I left out of the roundup, but you can read Monika's thoughts about it here). Another recurring trend is reunions. Actors from Brokeback Mountain and Overnight Delivery are brought together for new movies, though both are also two of the bad romance flicks.

My top choice for this week is the trailer for Paul Haggis' The Next Three Days, which I'm celebrating for actually making me want to see a Russell Crowe movie again and for showing the film's allowance for Elizabeth Banks to actually look like an actress instead of a hot funny lady (not that I ever mind her being a hot funny lady, but she's got other talents). I'm also attracted to the story, which is like The Man Who Wasn't There meets Prison Break meets The Rock (with Liam Neeson kind of in the Connery role) -- and of course the French film Pour elle, of which its a remake.

Check out the trailer for The Next Three Days as well as this week's rankings and poll after the jump.