Seems like even director Terence Malick has gotten so antsy working on Tree of Life, his much-anticipated and characteristically much-delayed new film, that he's moved on to casting his next project. The Wrap has word that Ben Affleck and Rachel Weisz have just been cast in Malick's as-yet-untitled next project. The project was initially announced at this year's Berlin Film Festival where it was described as a "powerful and moving love story."

Though rumors about Affleck being cast in the projected started spreading earlier this week, his agents have not officially confirmed with The Wrap that he has been cast in the film. Weisz's agents, on the other hand, have confirmed her involvement. Which doesn't mean that she could be in the film one minute and out the next. Christian Bale was initially tapped for what The Wrap surmises is the role Affleck will now be playing. Other cast members announced at Berlin include Javier Bardem, Rachel McAdams and Olga Kurylenko.

It's very weird to think of a new Malick project in its nascence before another one that's been gestating for years now hasn't even been released. Malick's a noted perfectionist and with recent work like The New World backing him up, it's no wonder why people give him ample room to work with. Still: are we ever going to see Tree of Life? How many tweaks can the man make?
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