With the film's August 26, 2011 release just about a year away, the folks over at New Line Cinema better get moving on the fifth Final Destination, 5nal Destination. (That title still makes me shudder.) They've got their director, Steven Quale, came up with a decent concept for the opening disaster (a suspension bridge collapse), and now, according to Deadline, they've got the first actor to be stalked by death in round five, Miles Fisher.

Miles who? Miles Fisher. You might remember him from Superhero Movie. No, don't dismiss him just yet; Fisher's actually one of the film's best assets. The guy can do a mean Tom Cruise impression. But other than that, Fisher's only gotten attention from his performance in a short film called Pinkberry: The Movie. He's is a bit over the top, but it is a spoof piece, so I guess that's the point. Based on that performance alone I'm picturing Fisher as a young professional driving across a bridge at the wrong time.

I do have my fingers crossed writer Eric Heisserer is going with an older group this time around and one with a little more depth than last year's brainless, bland and uninteresting main foursome. The teen thing definitely worked in the first film, but other than that, I prefer the relationship between the characters in the second. I thoroughly enjoyed the third film, but it was basically Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Ryan Merriman's show. They just bopped from kill scene to kill scene never creating a group dynamic. The second proved the more the merrier. The deaths are more emotional and keep the viewer on his or her toes trying to anticipate who'll go next. In The Final Destination we lost all character development, suspense and emotion courtesy of the third dimension which apparently compelled director David R. Ellis to lose his touch and just force-feed us everything.
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