That sound you might have heard Saturday afternoon? Most likely, that was the collective groans and heavy sighs of Star Wars fanboys and fanboys when they learned the Star Wars trilogies will be released on Blu-Ray next fall (as in 2011, not 2010) at the Star Wars Celebration V (via IGN). Sounds like good, if not great, news right? True to form, George Lucas plans to release both trilogies as part of one set (meaning you can't buy them separately or by trilogy) and you won't be able to choose between the theatrical versions and the remastered versions (you'll get the latter, but not the former).

As with the previous releases on VHS, DVD, special editions, etc., Lucas is counting on "true fans" to purchase the Star Wars trilogies in a new format. That might sound cynical, but Lucas is right: some fans might complain about this or that preference or having to purchase both trilogies when they really want the original trilogy, minus the late 1990s' changes Lucas made to better match his vision for the films, but ultimately they'll purchase the rejiggered, remastered versions collectively or, at some unspecified point in the future, the original trilogy separately.
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