Career Watch is a regular column by veteran film reporter and Moviefone guest blogger Anne Thompson looking at the career of a major Hollywood star, analyzing the moves they've made thus far and offering career advice on where they could or should head from here. This week: Julia Roberts.

Bottom Line:
When you open a women's picture like 'Eat Pray Love' to $23.7 million despite often savage reviews, you are a star. Julia Roberts -- the most successful actress of all time, with more than $2.4 billion in U.S. ticket sales -- is back. What 'Eat Pray Love' director Ryan Murphy allowed Roberts to do in the movie, which takes writer Liz Gilbert on a quest for inner truth from Italy to India to Bali, was to be herself, comfortable inside the role she was playing. Roberts single-handedly holds the screen with her wide grin and inner glow. And she's game for more: ''I haven't done a main part in a movie in a long time," she told Reuters, "and I wondered if that kind of workload would still be interesting to me, and I was very happy at the end of this that I felt incredibly fulfilled as a creative person.''
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