Following last week's $1 billion streaming-rights deal between Epix (and its partners Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM) and Netflix, other studios and cable channels could be very interested in becoming partners with the latter company. Though no distributors are named in the article as eying a similar venture, The Hollywood Reporter surmises that Netflix has "upped the ante so significantly that movie studios have no doubt begun to ratchet up expectations for licensing fees they can charge going forward."

One of the interesting points made in the report is that Netflix now has streaming rights to movies that have contributed to 46% of the 2010 box office, while comparatively HBO's rights only account for 45%. Some analysts think the Netflix/Epix deal signals the death of channels like HBO, because Netflix is clearly offering more for content than the pay TV companies ($200m/year vs. $175m/year). But as long as HBO continues its success with original programming, a direction Netflix isn't heading in, I don't believe it's "toast" just yet.