After lots of fanatic hope and unrealistic expectations, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World"bombed" at the box office, pulling in only $11 million to help pay back its $60 million budget. Never mind the fact that it's the best opening ever for an Edgar Wright film -- in fact, more than twice the opening gross of his two other cult hits, as Eugene pointed out this morning. But there's another bit of negative Pilgrim chatter that's caught my eye on this Monday: That Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is misogynistic.

io9 linked to a blog post at Asking the Wrong Questions, where writer Abigail Nussbaum states: "The most interesting question raised by Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is why it left me feeling delighted rather than quivering with feminist rage." She later continues: "But especially given that, according to my friends who are its fans, Scott Pilgrim the comic is a story that tries to combat much of the misogyny that underlies Scott Pilgrim the film and other works of its ilk, it's a shame that this is the best Edgar Wright could come up with -- a film that uses flashing lights and bright colors to distract its viewers from the unpleasantness at its core."

And that was one of the nicer accounts of male-female relations.