'The Switch' Unscripted Interview with Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman'The Switch' stars Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman give us the 411 on "poor life decisions," their best-smelling co-stars (and one that maybe didn't smell so good -- we're looking at you, Gerard Butler) and inside information on the 'Arrested Development' movie. It's coming soon!

While Jen shares her memories of the dramatic role that made her want to become an actress (at the age of 11), Jason recalls his "wet" period of drinking that almost made him embrace sobriety. And though he wouldn't want to star in the 'Arrested Development' TV show again, he says he's looking forward to making the movie -- prompting Jen to ask if she can be in it.

Jason's also got a pretty special useless talent involving chewing gum, but we couldn't get a demonstration. Next time.
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