As if you needed another reason to stay home with your hundred home entertainment options instead of seeing a movie in the theater, Gothamist shares a story about bedbug infestations at some of NYC's cinemas, including the tourist-friendly AMC Empire 25 near Times Square and another AMC up in Harlem (the Magic Johnson Harlem 9). One anonymous reader was attacked by the pests during a showing of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World last night and was even told that the theater staff knew about the problem and had an appointment for an exterminator this week but stayed open without warning (an update to the article now says the theater's general manager is denying any such knowledge or admittance of fault at all). I've actually had occasional issue with the Empire's attention to guests lately, so I completely believe someone on their end has been slacking with customer care and attention to complaints.

To be somewhat fair, NYC is having a major bedbug problem of late, and not just in theaters. Coincidentally, according to today's Daily News, a new report claims at least 1 in 10 NYC residents have bedbugs in their home. So even if you think you should stay home with a Netflix, as Gothamist suggests, there's a good chance you could be bitten anyway. I've lived in the city for years and have yet to have my first bedbug issue (knock on wood), but I am constantly concerned by reports that I shouldn't sit on certain benches or take in second-hand furniture or clothing. This is the first time I'm really nervous, though, since I'm a regular at the Empire 25 and the Pavillion, which was apparently also in the news for bedbugs recently. Suddenly, I'm feeling itchy just worrying about being attacked.

Have you ever encountered bedbugs inside a movie theater?

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