Make no bones about it, Roger Corman's Deathsport is a terrible film (sporting the best DVD art ever!) -- but if you have a penchant for the B-King and post-apocalyptic hilarity, then look no further. Add to that David Carradine looking a little worse for wear, Richard Lynch spewing his signature one-liners, and Playboy Playmate Claudia Jennings -- and you have yourself an oddball, nomadic bonanza. The film rips off Corman's own Death Race 2000 as much as it does Star Wars -- only Deathsport trades Tie-fighters and X-Wing fighters for motorcycles.

The story (if you can call it that) takes place after the great Neutron Wars (not to be confused with the Neutron Dance ... ), where the world becomes a barbaric wasteland made up of mutant cannibals (complete with goofy eye goggles) and Range Guides. After that I couldn't tell you much, but there are guys in silver jumpsuits, solid gold gladiator helmets, and the ultimate face-off between Darth Lynch and Carradine Skywalker (did they spend three bucks on that head, or what?). We are never really told what the Deathsport is, but you can gather from the action that it involves revenge and dirt bikes. There's also the usual Corman explosions (several!), a terrible landscape/backdrop painting, swords that make sounds like light sabers, and naked dancing girls (in case you got bored and needed breasts to wake you up ... ) who shake their moneymaker while being electrocuted by Lord Zirpola (David McLean).

Deathsport is a fun, late-night movie experience, but definitely not Corman's finest hour. Despite its misfires, you still want to root for anything under the beloved director/producer's banner. Check this one out for nonsensical fun at its finest.

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