I've been following the work of Italian filmmaker Davide Melini for some time now. The former Assistant Director for Italian auteur Dario Argento has been honing his craft in several short films which immediately caught my attention because of their giallo overtones. Back in February, I told you about his latest film, The Sweet Hand of the White Rose, which Melini wrote, directed, and produced over the course of a year. So far, Melini has won several awards for White Rose including Best Cinematography at the Spanish festival, Cesur en Corto -- and it was selected for the finals of the Killer Film Festival which happens in November.

This time around, Melini has traded giallo for a supernatural thriller, while still maintaining the stylish and symbolic elements of the Italian genre. The film was shot in Spain and stars Carlos Bahos, Natasha Machuca, and Leocricia Sabán. When Mark (Bahos) and his girlfriend (Sabán) get into a heated argument he takes off in his car not realizing that he will soon make a mistake that will change his life forever.