The Cine staff had been taking a week-long look at the action films of Sylvester Stallone, skipping his comedies (out of respect), and we've twicereviewed his latest outing. It only seemed fitting to properly include it among these ranks...

Title:The Expendables

Setting: Americas North and Latin, present day

Our hero:
Barney Ross (Stallone), leader of many manly mercenaries

Our villain/s: Would-be dictator General Garza (David Zayas); rogue CIA agent James Munroe (Eric Roberts); his aptly-named henchman, Paine (Steve Austin)

The stakes: The life of the dictator's daughter, Sandra (Giselle Itie); the freedom of her townsfolk; millions of dollars in drug trade for the bad guys; millions of dollars in compensation for the good guys
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