Hey guys, remember Sylvester Stallone? Back in 1976, 'Rocky' obliterated the box office and launched Stallone to Hollywood's A-list, a status he would enjoy for nearly twenty years before his star, like that of so many aging action heroes, began to fade. So when 'The Expendables' was announced it was assumed that, a few nostalgia seekers aside, the movie would be just another desperate attempt to reclaim relevance from an actor past his prime.

So much for conventional wisdom.

As we reported yesterday, 'The Expendables' flouted both expectations and good taste to dominate the box office with an impressive $35 million haul in its first weekend in release. That figure, of course, is a bit of a surprise to industry watchers, but the more surprising fact? It's also the biggest opening weekend in Stallone's career.
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The Expendables
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