It's impossible for most of us to imagine life without arms and legs. Among myriad other emotions, despair would kick in quickly; a sinking, self-hating realization that the most mundane and basic of tasks will require Herculean efforts of mental and physical strength.

Kyle Maynard, a 24-year old born with congenital amputation, could have been one of these people. Instead, he has become an inspiration to countless others by becoming a nationally-ranked wrestler, motivational speaker and Mixed Martial Arts competitor.

Maynard is the subject of 'A Fighting Chance,' a new documentary featured as part of SummerFest, SnagFilms' 6-week limited run of critically acclaimed festival films. Prior to his desire to compete in MMA, Maynard had already established himself as a competent athlete and worthy opponent. But some in his circle feared MMA would be too difficult a task even for the motivated athlete. 'A Fighting Chance' looks at Maynard's incredible life and his improbable journey to a Mixed Martial Arts fight in 2009.
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