Return of the Jedi posterIf you believe that the Star Wars movies are the greatest thing since greatest things were created... you may want to sit down for this incredible news. George Lucas has just released a never-seen-before deleted scene from Return of the Jedi - and you can watch it below.

The clip was premiered at the recent Star Wars Celebration V event - an official convention organised by Lucasfilm - where the director had fans whooping in the aisles when he not only revealed newly discovered footage of Vader and Luke from the beginning of the film - but Mark Hamill (aka Luke Skywalker) joined Lucas on stage to reveal the scene.

The clip - which shows Darth Vader sending a message to Luke about his destiny and sees the young Skywalker working on his green lightsaber before taking on Jabba the Hutt's palace - was intended to be the original opening to the final film of the original trilogy. Needless to say, the audience watching the clip went nuts.

Watch the Return of the Jedi deleted scene after the jump...
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