I'll admit that I'm pretty excited about Piranha 3D even though I usually dread remakes/reboots. The new version is directed by Alexandre Aja -- the Frenchman who brought us High Tension. That's cool, but Aja's involvement inspires even more optimism for me since he's already done one of the better remakes to come along in recent years -- the updating of Wes Craven's The Hills Have Eyes.

Plus, this new version of Piranha is completely different than the original (check out our own Alison Nastasi's review of that film). I can get behind a re-imagining more than I can a straight up remake for some reason. Add in a surprisingly robust cast including Elizabeth Shue, Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd, Kelly Brook, porn star Riley Steele and Jaws veteran Richard Dreyfuss and you wind up with a film that looks to be more than your standard remake cash-grab.

So, I'm excited. And when I see ads like this new international television spot (thanks to Uncle Creepy and the Dread Central crew for sharing), I become more convinced that my excitement is well founded. This new clip is twice as long as your standard US version and highlights everything I want to see in a Piranha flick -- namely people getting devoured in a feeding frenzy. Ving Rhames taking on hordes of piranha with an outboard boat motor looks pretty friggin' awesome too.

The film is due in theaters this Friday -- but you can jump past the break right now and check out the new clip (which is in English) just to get you a little more excited.
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