When watching this trailer, several films came to mind: Nacho Cerda's gruesome necrophilia-based short film Aftermath; Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo's bloody French thriller Inside; and, to echo the sentiments of 24 Frames Per Second, Fruit Chan's absolutely brilliant and intensely creepy short film Dumplings. Take all of this and wrap it up in a blanket of Japanese ghost stories like The Ring and you have the utterly weird looking Thai thriller The Snow White.

From 24FPS: "Two students stealthily dissect the dead body of a pregnant woman just to get the dead infant in her belly, to perform a dark magic charm. But the magic doesn't work, and soon they realise a terrible price is to be paid for their horrific act, as they're hunted by the vengeful ghost of the dead woman. While the ghost is threatening their lives, a kind-hearted nurse tries to stop the ghost to save them."

The trailer opens with a test pattern and a countdown, so it takes about a minute or so to get started. Make sure you're not eating anything when you watch it, or at the very least make sure you have a strong stomach. Otherwise, enjoy the pillaging of fetuses.
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