Miles Fisher has his first suspension bridge buddy. As reported by (via Shock Till You Drop), Arlen Escarpeta was just cast in 5nal Destination. You might remember him from the Friday the 13th reboot; (spoiler alert) he's the kid who got the axe in the back. Other than that, the only noteworthy items on his resume are We Are Marshall, but I can't quite remember his performance specifically, the upcoming film Lottery Ticket, which I'm taking a pass on and a slew of TV appearances.

But Escarpeta's casting isn't even the big news here, it's what he told about the film. He said, "I think what they're going to do really, really well this time around, they're going to go back - the story, the plot, a lot of stuff is really going to matter." Go back as in revisit the old characters? Maybe and if that's what happens in film five and it's done tactfully, it really could hit home for franchise fans. That was one of my favorite elements of the second film. Each character had a connection to the death of one of the kids from the first film. They weren't in-your-face, desperate parallels, just simple occurrences that added an extra chill to the air.
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