Adam Gierasch's Night of the Demonsremake is finally coming out on October 19th -- after a long and arduous road to release filled with countless delays and the disappointment of being scheduled for a theatrical release and then relegated to home video.

Now we finally get to see a trailer -- and despite the cries of the anti-remake crowd, this new version of the film actually looks kinda interesting. The film's first clip is bloody and looks faithful to the original without merely copying it shot for shot -- and if that weren't enough, you even get to see Diora Baird's boobs. Oh, and it looks like the infamous "lipstick scene" might be included as well. Bonus points for that.

My only real complaint with the trailer -- other than the fact that Eddie Furlong looks like Hell -- is the choice of soundtrack music. The song accompanying the trailer doesn't really fit and I hope the actual film has a better selection of music.

Bloody-Disgusting scored the exclusive clip -- which sees a group of young adults having a Halloween party at an old mortuary. When the party gets busted, several stay behind and become trapped inside when they wake up a malevolent demonic force. Gierasch's remake stars Shannon Elizabeth, Monica Keena, Diora Baird, and Edward Furlong.

Check out the trailer after the jump (it'sNot Safe for Work) . Does this make you more interested in seeing Night of the Demons or are you still convinced it's going to suck?
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