It's been two long and strange years since Joaquin Phoenix abruptly announced his retirement from acting and though many people at the time dismissed it as a stunt, Phoenix, true to his word, has been absent from the big screen ever since. Now the first trailer for the much ballyhooed documentary chronicling his attempt to reinvent himself as a rapper, 'I'm Still Here,' has been released and the question is: Is he still here? Or is he not all there?

And frankly, nobody knows for sure. Word on the street is that when potential distributors were first shown director Casey Affleck's movie back in May, they still couldn't figure out whether it was a serious documentary or if the whole thing was an Andy Kaufman-style meta-joke on everyone. Perhaps we're a bit cynical, but like many people we've suspected from the beginning that the whole shtick, which Phoenix famously debuted during an episode of 'The Late Show with David Letterman,' was a put-on and there's nothing in the teaser that makes us think any differently.
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I'm Still Here
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