Can you hear that distant rumbling in a galaxy far far away? That's the Star Wars Universe getting its Lucasfilm Approved Merchandise knickers in a twist about an apparently 'deleted' scene from 1983's Return Of The Jedi: is it real or fake? And whose cleft chin is that, exactly?

As we reported yesterday, attendees at the recent Star Wars Celebration V in Florida were treated to a screening of the brief scene during a Q&A with Mark Hamill (who played Luke Skywalker in the original trilogy) and George Lucas. The clip, which shows Vader in a lift telepathically calling for Luke to turn to the dark side and then Luke in a Tatooine cave fixing up his new lightsaber, was wildly received by the fanboy community at large, with much whooping and frothing.

However, the worm has turned with many shouting 'Fake!' and accusing George Lucas of creating it just to hype up next year's Blu-ray release of all six Star Wars films. The cause of this is an interview with Hamill from Comic Con 2009, unearthed by GeeksOfDoom where the actor states "I never shot a scene like that."

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