Some film buffs salivate over the possibility that one day, before they die, they may get to see London After Midnight. Others would love to get a glimpse of the Day the Clown Cried for some Jerry Lewis, holocaust-fueled fun. But me? I get all tingly at the possibility of Star Wars arcana. I remember squealing like a Jawa in heat when I first saw the clip of the original Jabba. Before he was a CGI monstrosity or even a giant, greasy muppet, he was a fat guy wearing furs.

As Brad, and the internet at large, informed us the other day, more new footage is on the way. The sight of Luke firing up the lightsaber in that Tattooine cave sparked me to hunt down more slivers of film I'd heard whispers of in my hunt for all things OT. One of my favorites that I came across more than a decade ago is of a sandstorm that consumes our heroes after their adventure at Jabba's palace. While the actual proper footage isn't available online, I did manage to find a reconstruction of the clip from various stills. Why they don't restore this and include it in the special features is a mystery (and I don't mean they should integrate it into the film itself). Yes, eagle-eyed fans will pick out some shenanigans in here - like a still shot from Shadows of the Empire - but still, this footage is out there somewhere. Now if I could just track down the clip of Vader killing two of the Emperor's royal guards, my mission would be complete.

Watch the sandstorm scene after the jump!

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