Movie geeks everywhere have been keeping a close eye on Darren Aronofsky's latest, Black Swan, and today we got a better look at the thriller from the director of Requiem for a Dream when the first teaser trailer turned up on Apple's trailer site.

A thriller revolving around a ballerina (Natalie Portman), her rival (Mila Kunis), and their artistic director (Vincent Cassel), the new clip looks ominous and stylish. Portman offers up some voiceover narration that sets the tone and the rest of the clip is suitably atmospheric and charged with erotic tension. The competition to land the lead in a production of Swan Lake becomes very personal and intense as the pressure between Portman and Kunis grows -- something the new teaser does a really nice job of highlighting.

Others have drawn comparisons between the film and Roman Polanski's work and after seeing the clip I think it's a sound observation. Aronofsky isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it's hard to deny that he has a distinctive visual approach that colors each and every one of his films.

The three leads all come across well in the trailer, as does Barbara Hershey as Portman's former ballerina mother. The costume design looks fantastic, particularly Portman as the black swan -- she looks like something straight out of a Dario Argento film circa Opera.

Black Swan is set to play the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals and will open in the US on December 1st. You'll have to head over to Apple to see the trailer for now. If you were on the fence about a thriller featuring ballet dancers, has this clip changed your mind?