It's a little early for awards season buzz to get under way, but I think we all realize that a serious Oscar contender is opening nationwide this Friday. Yes, I'm talking about Piranha 3D. The cast of Alexandre Aja's remake of the Joe Dante/Roger Corman cult classic have already begun lobbying for the film to be nominated in all the major categories and Funny or Die has the video to prove it.

Jerry O'Connell, Kelly Brook, Jessica Szohr, porn star Riley Steele, Adam Scott and Paul Scheer have all donned their finest evening wear to tell you and Academy voters why this film should win everyone involved an Oscar. As Scott points out, why stop at Best Picture? Why not present the film with an Oscar for "best penis being gobbled and spit out in 3D?" I admit, it's hard to argue with that logic. Plus, as the clip mentions, there are ten nominees for Best Picture now -- and it doesn't make sense to nominate Inception ten times.

Kelly Brook drops F-bombs and notes that Basinger and Theron both appeared in Playboy and won an Oscar -- and she's on the cover. Szohr says what all of us think -- pointing out that maybe if Piranha were nominated then someone under the age of 50 might actually care about the Academy Awards. Plus, you can't discount a phone call from the President telling Paul Scheer that Piranha 3D winning an Oscar would stimulate the economy. Come on, Academy -- help out the working folk!

The only downer to this clip is that Ving Rhames isn't in it -- but that's okay, because on Friday we'll all be able to see his finest hour: him fighting off killer fish with a boat propeller. If that doesn't get a Best Supporting Oscar, then the system is broken beyond repair.

Check out the clip after the jump.