If you're male and have cruised by Cinemax in the late evening hours, the chances of you having watched a Jim Wynorski flick are pretty high. His big breasted, B-movie filmography could have easily been the reason that the cable channel has been lovingly dubbed Skinemax, and here's why: Wynorski has directed over seventy-five B-exploitation films featuring busty blondes (his preferred type) in various softcore situations. His film philosophy, "A big chase and a big chest," has served the filmmaker well and his penchant for topless women even earned him the nickname Tom Popatopolous. All of this, combined with Wynorski's signature low budget aesthetic, workhorse attitude, and hard-nosed but loveable antics are captured beautifully by Clay Westervelt's documentary on the filmmaker -- Popatopolis: How to Make a Movie in Three Days.
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