Spider-ManGood news for those who can't wait to see Spider-Man swinging and singing on Broadway: the off-again, on-again show 'Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark' is once again heading to the Great White Way with previews on November 14th and Opening Night set for December 21st.

If you really, really want to see this musical train wreck, here is my advice: get tickets quickly. This thing is going to be closed very quickly. What do you expect when the villain is named the Swiss Miss? It's like a really bad science fiction B-movie set to music and it's already the most expensive show in Broadway history without even opening its doors. People should be protesting this show and not waste time with any proposed mosques in the downtown NYC area.

For all my criticism, I will still probably try to see the show, just to see if The Edge and Bono haven't completely ruined one of my childhood heroes. It can't be worse than that Superman musical, right? RIGHT?
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