Hitchcock's Psychojust celebrated its 50th birthday, and to commemorate the occasion one of my favorite distributors -- Shout! Factory -- has taken up arms and issued The Psycho Legacy in honor of the landmark film. This 2-Disc Special Edition DVD set explores the "history, impact, and mystique" of Psycho and its influences.

The 90-minute documentary is directed by Robert V. Galluzzo and features a ton of great features, sure to please any Psycho-tic. Galluzzo explores the timeline of the 1960 film -- digging into the screenwriting, casting, and directing aspect of Hitchock's legacy. The set contains more than three hours of bonus material, including extended interviews (many rare and never-before-seen with star Anthony Perkins, and other cast members). There's also a tour of the illustrious Bates Motel, Psycho on the Web, and you'll have the opportunity to hear from Robert Loggia, Olivia Hussey, Henry Thomas, Diana Scarwid, Tom Holland, Hilton Green, Mick Garris, Richard Franklin, as well as other writers and directors in the horror genre, including Stuart Gordon (Re-Animator), Adam Green (Frozen), Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2), Michael Gingold and Tony Timpone from Fangoria, and many more.

Psycho changed audiences' relationship with their shower when it portrayed a crazed killer (Anthony Perkins) slashing away at a young woman (Janet Leigh). Hitchcock presented Perkins as Norman Bates, the seemingly mild-mannered boy-next-door who was really a madman obsessed with his dead mother -- transforming the horror genre as we know it. Fans of Psycho, slasher films, and horror in general should definitely pick up a copy of The Psycho Legacy to get reacquainted with this classic genre film. Pre-order your copy of The Psycho Legacy over here to have it right on time when it hits shelves October 19th.

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