I'm no copyright expert, but I can't imagine you can just go out and make a shark movie and call the main man-eater "Jaws". If I made a spy movie and called it James Bond, I'd expect a big, fat lawsuit. How then does Jaws in Japan exist? Better yet, what the hell isJaws in Japan?

Has Jaws become the new Ernest? Will we soon see Jaws Scared Stupid or Slam-Dunk Jaws? Where did this movie even come from? IMDb.com has no listing for the film, but Amazon is offering it for pre-order -- proof that it does exist! There's no plot synopsis (though the title itself probably does the trick), and the film appears to be from Japan. Whoever made that cover is certainly gutsy enough to play fast and loose with Universal's Jaws logo.

Most likely, this is just another crappy direct-to-video CG shark movie to add to a growing bucket of video chum that includes Shark Attack 3 and Sharks in Venice(sporting the greatest cover art ever). But what if this was an actual brand-new official Jaws sequel -- one so incredibly awesome that Universal had to keep it secret, lest our hearts stop with terror? There's only one way to find out. We've gotta see it for ourselves on October 12 when it streets. Expect the worst and hope for the best, folks.
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