Remember how scary it was to play 7 Minutes in Heaven? You and a random peer of the opposite sex sent to a closet or room for seven minutes, expected by others at the party to kiss ... or whatever else can be done in such little time? You were nervous, sweating, maybe you didn't actually do anything with the person but made a pact to say you did when you go back out to ... find all your friends dead? Wait, what? Yes, the making out game just got scarier thanks to Lost producer/director Jack Bender, who came up with this premise for a thriller, which will be titled, appropriately, 7 Minutes in Heaven, according to Heat Vision.

Actually, I think it would be more fitting for the movie to be called "7 Minutes in Hell," but who am I to argue with J.J. Abrams, who will produce this under his Bad Robot (aka Bad Wobot) shingle? Besides, for all I know they're looking to license the Fall Out Boy song. Bender, who has also been reportedly circling the next Jack Ryan flick, Moscow, is set to direct. His pitch is now going out to possible writers, so it should be a while before Heaven gets under way.
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