Joaquin Phoenix, rap star?The trailer for the Casey Affleck documentary, 'I'm Still Here' has hit the net. It's the one following a very furry Joaquin Phoenix on his adventures in rap. Not sure why he had to grow a beard and flip out for that, but whatever. I'll let you know the details and whether or not I believe this is the real deal.

Hugh Jackman is a very, very versatile actor. He's played a song and dance man, done magic and a bulked up superhero with adamantium claws. But he's pulled out of a starring role that would have tested even his range. I'll give you the scoop on what he's passed on and what he's doing now. (Source: Deadline) Check out the video after the jump.

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I'm Still Here
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Director Casey Affleck follows Joaquin Phoenix as he carries out a plan to retire from acting and concentrate... Read More