Despite some skepticism from some of us here at Horrorsquad, it appears that My Soul To Take is real. Who new? This has got to be the most under-the-radar major horror release of the year. Up until all of this Scream 4 jabber, I thought (or wished?) that Wes Craven had retired. Don't get me wrong. I'm a fan of the man. I'm not trying to be an iconoclast, but the guy hasn't done anything that I truly enjoyed in almost 15 years. Even before that, his output was spotty. The trailer for his newest effort doesn't instill me with confidence. It looks like any one of the overly-polished, generic teens-in-peril flicks of the last decade.

A notorious serial killer uses his dying breath to place a deadly curse on a small town in this shocker from legendary horror director Wes Craven. It's been 16 years since the maniac who terrorized Riverton met his grim demise. Seven children were born on the night he died, and he vowed that he would return one day to claim them all. Like clockwork, exactly 16 years later, the children born that fateful night begin vanishing without a trace. Could the killer have somehow cheated death the night that everyone thought he was killed, or has he perhaps been reincarnated as one of seven teens he swore to kill? Only one person knows the answer to that burning question. Adam "Bug" Heller never knew how close he came to death the night his father went on that bloody rampage, and despite remaining completely unaware of the atrocities that mar his family bloodline, he's suffered terrifying nightmares from as far back as he can remember. Now, in order to save his friends, Bug will be forced to confront the evil that won't stop until it accomplishes the awful task it set out to complete on the night he was born.

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