In Andrea Seigel's upcoming young adult novel, The Kid Table, a teenage girl goes through her coming-of-age narrative in a plot spread over five family functions. Sounds like Four Weddings and a Funeral for the younger set, and also the holiday-loving set, and it's quickly going to be turned into a movie, according to Production Weekly. Ivan Reitman will produce the adaptation, which is being scripted by Justin Adler, who was a staff writer on Futurama more than a decade ago.

The book, true to its title, concerns the familiar concept of the kids' table, through which Ingrid and her five siblings/cousins share a bond. But one of them, Brianne, gets promoted to the adult table and disrupts the tradition by exhibiting such things as not playing with her food, I guess. And at one point she brings a boyfriend home for a family function, which creates drama with Ingrid. You can find out more from the Amazon product description of the novel, which hits stores September 14, or find out less from Seigel's self-made trailer after the jump.
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