Quick! Think of the first Twilight joke that pops into your head! Was it about sparkling vampires? Maybe it was about shirtless werewolves? Either way, congratulations! You are now a professional screenwriter, on the same level as the writers of Vampires Suck, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer (the writing-directing pair who brought us Epic Movie and Disaster Movie).

Let me get the positives out of the way first -- Vampires Suck represents a small step forward for the pair: actually channeling their anti-creative energies on one specific target, the overwhelmingly popular Twilight Saga film series. Because of this, they've actually challenged themselves as filmmakers. They've moved away from the usual pop culture parade that's more costume catalog than cinema ("I'm Miley Cyrus!", "I'm Iron Man!", "I'm Britney Spears!" -- all typical dialogue from their previous films, as lookalikes parade onto the screen only to have cows or meteors or whatnot fall on their heads with a bonk, immediately after their introduction). Here, Friedberg and Seltzer are forced to write actual gags instead of lazy flash-in-the-pan referencing.

Now, however, having seen Vampires Suck, I'm not sure which is worse.
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Vampires Suck
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