It was just over a week ago that William B. Goss turned to me (over the phone) and asked if he could semi-review a handful of Stallone flicks in anticipation of the long-awaited Expendables release. As I often do, I took this simple request and turned it into a full-blown project that actually required some work on my part. (Duh, Scott.) But the reader / twitter response to the Stallone-a-Thon™ series has been very positive, which is why it actually ran a bit longer than a week. That's simply how powerful Sly is.

Also we were afraid of what the angry movie nerds would scream if we somehow forgot to include Rambo 3 or Assassins. So big thanks to Will for getting the ball rolling, and also to Todd Gilchrist, Alison Nastasi, Jenni Miller, and Eric Snider for participating. If it had just been Will and myself on this project, our readers might have overloaded on wise-assery.

Please note that, while Sly has of course done some pretty ripe movies, we're actually all big fans of the ol' slugger. Frankly I don't see how a movie fan can dislike this guy.

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