I'm not sure what recent film announcement it was that triggered Cinematical Editor-in-Chief Erik Davis to note that there seemed to be a growing number of movies about aliens getting the green light from Hollywood, but until he asked me to make a guide compiling them all together, I hadn't quite taken note of the trend. But now that I have assembled the whole batch in one place, it's pretty clear that Hollywood has been sitting on a fear that our little blue planet is going to be overtaken by little green men. I guess making a bunch of movies about the hypothetical is the only catharsis they can get.

That, or, and this is the more likely scenario, alien invasions are always a great excuse to blow things up and film it. I just hope one of the below films does contain a UFO dishing out a bigger blast than the one that topples NYC in Independence Day. I think such a sight has been a long time overdue.

Anyways, I present to you Cinematical's Complete Guide to Upcoming Alien Invasion Movies.
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