The other night when report came in that January Jones was cast as Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class, I asked the obvious and rhetorical question, "so apparently Alice Eve did not get the part?" Eve had previously been linked to the role with enough certainty that everyone was including her as a known member of the ensemble cast. Then, this Jones news came out of nowhere. Well, has exclusive information from an anonymous source at Marvel via a volunteer contributor that Eve was signed on but requested to be let out of her contract because she wasn't happy with the latest script changes. She was in Sex and the City 2, by the way, if that says anything about how much worse First Class might be.

If that's not rumor enough for you, the site also claims Marvel is interested in her for a minor villain role in The Avengers. Because this unnamed character is said to be part of the Thor comics, The Feed logically presumes she'd play The Enchantress, which also would fit with Loki being that film's main villain, and could maybe lead to a bigger part in Thor 2. It could all depend on just what comic book character she would prefer. also says she's up for Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman in Fox's Fantastic Four Reborn (the franchise reboot), in which she'd get to act alongside a reportedly 100% CGI version of The Thing.

Which superhero movie do you think she's best to stick with? Feel free to suggest roles/films she's not yet rumored for.
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