Do fans of projectile vomiting and fans of The Godfathertravel in the same circles in other countries? Because, from what I can tell from its international trailer, these are the two primary demographics seemingly being marketed to in the second Meet the Parents sequel, Little Fockers. Actually, I guess any self-respecting Godfather fan wouldn't see a comedy just because it heavily makes reference to the 38-year-old classic by playing bits of Nino Rota's score and having Ben Stiller's character labeled "The Godfocker." Especially if it looked as terrible and bodily fluid-filled as this.

In addition to the awfully unrealistic splattering of lasagna puke there's far-reaching squirting of blood during a turkey-carving scene. And in addition to the Godfather parody there's a too-on-the-nose Jawsspoof involving a ball pit. Hopefully the trailer isn't giving everything away and we can also look forward to poop, a Star Wars gag, some semen, a Saturday Night Fever spoof, and a mix of more vomit via an Exorcist bit. The sad thing is, of course, that Robert De Niro is reminding moviegoers how low he's sunk since The Godfather Part II with the reference to that franchise. This might even be sadder than the Taxi Driver shtick in The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Watch the trailer after the jump, but try not to get to upset by it.