Alexandre Aja's
remake of Joe Dante's killer fish cult classic, Piranha, hits theaters this weekend. While the plastic looking fish in Dante's film have low-fi appeal, Aja's remake brings the gory fish-capades to audiences in blood-thirsty 3D. Expect lots of boobalicious bikinis, blood, and B-movie appeal in this horror flick update.

While Piranha are nasty looking creatures by themselves, the thing that makes them so terrifying is that they work in groups. There can be more than a thousand fish in a single school of Piranha. Suddenly an attack by Jaws doesn't seem so agonizing. This got me thinking -- what kind of film would be more terrifying than one featuring a school of carnivorous fish? Are there groups, packs, and gangs of other kinds that could upstage the fiendish fish?

There have been dozens of films made about viruses -- essentially groups of infectious agents working together to kill a host -- like 1995's Outbreak or the zombie-esque 28 Days Later. We've seen packs of killer children in films like Children of the Corn and Village of the Damned, but where should filmmakers set their sights next? Find out who or what should really be ganging up on audiences after the jump.