The A-Team, Knight & Day, Cyrus
and Predators from Fox. Shrek Forever After and The Last Airbender from Paramount. Please Give and Grown Ups from Sony. Those are some of the titles we should be hearing about in the next few weeks. Everyone knows that Toy Story 3 is imminent in making its Nov. 2 announcement. In the meantime it is limited releases and documentaries to catch up with.

The highest grossing of these new releases today with a whopping $7.3 million is Focus' Babiesdocumentary. For those that can't get enough of YouTube videos, people actually dished out over seven million bucks to see four insufferable tykes make a two-year journey towards walking and talking. Well now for about double the average ticket cost, you can experience Babies on Sept. 28 as it was always meant to be - as a home movie.
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