Troubled actor Edward Furlong seems to have taken a summer class at the Mel Gibson School of Phone Charm and has subsequently been hit with a restraining order from his estranged wife for leaving her "vicious and threatening voicemails".

The Terminator 2 star's wife, Rachael Kneeland, has been granted the temporary order which states that Furlong must stay 100 yards away from her and their three-year old son, Ethan. Even though the couple split up last year, Furlong has been leaving some rather brutal voicemails (and text messages) for Kneeland, which she is expected to play at the court hearing later this month. have a transcript of the messages and it's safe to say that they're too expletive-laden to appear on a nice family website like this. However, whittled down, the messages basically state that Furlong doesn't want Kneeland's new boyfriend to be near their son, otherwise Furlong will rip his heart out and feed it to him, saying to Kneeland "you see if you like him still when his [..] little pretty face is all deformed."

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