jumperYou remember Jumper. It was that awful teleportation movie you paid good money to see two years ago because Doug The Bourne Identity Liman was in the director's chair.

Perhaps, like me, you thought at the time, "Hey, maybe Doug Liman's awesomeness will cancel out Hayden Christensen's terribleness and this movie will turn out to be pretty good."

Turns out nothing is powerful enough to black out the terribleness that is Hayden Christensen. Actually, it seems he somehow has the power to make really really good things – like awesome Liman-directed action scenes, cool teleportation effects, and ... er ... Samuel L. Jackson, – seem really really bad.

Yes, I'm blaming one actor for ruining a potentially cool sci-fi action flick. Yes, I understand that Sam Jackson dyed his hair blonde for the movie. So what? That was cool. Haven't you ever seen Demolition Man?

So there's talk of a Jumper 2 floating around Hollywood. I wouldn't be opposed to the idea if, say, Liman returned and the movie focused on Jamie Bell's bratty character Griffin from the original. Sadly, that's not gonna happen. Christensen is the one chatting up MTV News about a potential sequel. He hopes it will be "a little darker" than the original. He also says it might feature a "mother hunting son and possibly even maybe sister hunting brother."

So whattayasay, folks? Do you, like most reasonable people, steer clear of Christensen's wooden work or are you looking forward to Jumper 2?
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