Just how far-fetched is Jennifer Aniston's new movie "The Switch," in which she decides to stop waiting for Mr. Right and get pregnant on her own? Apart from the festive "insemination party" she throws (where, by accident, the titular sperm switcheroo occurs), it's actually not so far off from reality.

It turns out that Hollywood is a bit behind on the "choice mom" trend depicted in the romantic comedy, even though it has also cropped up this year in "The Back-Up Plan" and "The Kids Are All Right." Single women and lesbian couples now make up 60 percent of the clientele at Los Angeles-based Cryobank, the nation's largest sperm bank. And more and more women are deciding to make babies now, rather than waiting until they meet "the one," and solicit the services of a sperm bank or ask their male friends to donate the key "ingredient."

We talked with Scott Brown, director of communications at Cryobank, and Mikki Morrissette, author of "Choosing Single Motherhood: The Thinking Woman's Guide," about donors, dating, and what happens in real life when kids born this way want to meet dear old Dad.
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