If there's one thing Hollywood needs more of it's westerns. We haven't had a truly great gunslinger flick since Unforgiven back in 1992, so clearly we're way overdue for a new classic. I've got high hopes that we just might get it when the Coen Brothers' latest film, True Grit, hits theaters. That's right, the Coen Brothers -- who seemingly have yet to meet a genre they won't take a crack at -- are remaking one of John Wayne's most famous films. Twitch has been kind enough to share the first pic from the production. It's pretty awesome.

The cast includes Josh Brolin and Barry Pepper, but the star of the film is none other than The Dude himself, Jeff Bridges. While I'd always hoped the Coens and Bridges would reunite for a Big Lebowski sequel, this might be the next best thing. Bridges has experience playing a western type fellow after his Oscar winning turn in Crazy Heart and he looks right at home in this picture.